Who is Guardev?

Guardev is an information security company established in 2010 to develop security solutions for mobile cellular devices. Guardev supplies security solutions to organizations including software design, development, user interface design, and deployment. Our apps have been downloaded by more than 500,000 end users, and are in use on a daily basis by companies dealing with security challenges in restricted / top-secret workplaces.

Our apps have been downloaded
by more than 500,000 end users

What is Guardev’s vision?

Technology is an engine driving growth and improvement in quality of life all over the world. Technological advancement, however, brings with it challenges of protecting sensitive information both of companies and organizations and of private individuals. Guardev’s vision is to facilitate technological advancement alongside security of secret information in organizations, while at the same time not infringing on their employees’ privacy.

Why choose Guardev?

We were among the first companies to begin developing solutions for cellular mobile device security, and over the years, we’ve accumulated experience in the field of development and working with organizations and clients. We’ve learned to recognize the security needs of various companies and how to make these a reality across a range of platforms.

We meet stringent standards of information security and privacy protection. Development of our code is done with the utmost security and we never retain any unnecessary sensitive information.

Our strengths


We work with the highest quality standards possible. We believe that in the world of information security, there can be no compromises when it comes to development quality and testing of the final product.


We believe that managing the system shouldn’t require a professional IT or computer personnel. Our platform is simple, intuitive, and so easy to use that any average person can manage the account and access all of the system’s functionality.


We believe that customer satisfaction is the key to running a successful business. Contact us at any time for any system support needs. We’re in ongoing contact with our clients and always open to hearing your concerns and suggestions for improvement.

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